Testimonials: Agencies

Shelley Martin
Director of Operations and Fundraising
Conductive Learning Center

I had the pleasure of being involved with the Magnified Giving program for the first time this year and I am glad I was afforded the opportunity.  I believe the program benefits so many people in so many ways.  

The non-profits are not only gaining the donated funds, but making connections with young people who are looking to make a difference in their community.  They are gaining volunteers as well as having their mission spread through word of mouth by these students.

The students are learning that there is more to life than school, sports and activities, etc.  They have the opportunity to explore various philanthropic opportunities and may possibly find their “passion”.  These explorations could also lead to career paths. They are getting the opportunity at a young age to impact lives and see beyond themselves, as well as a chance to be seen in a positive light in their community.

The Magnified Giving program is a “win-win” for everyone involved!!!