STEP – Student Team of Empowered Philanthropists

Student Team of Empowered Philanthropists
Student Leadership Opportunities
The S.T.E.P. Program has been developed to enhance the opportunities available to alumni and current participants in Magnified Giving. If you are interested in enhancing your community and personal skills through leadership, public speaking, social media, professional interactions, and summer job opportunities -STEP may be the program for you!
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STEP Leadership Team RequirementsThe Basics
To be considered a STEP Leader, you must be able to commit to these requirements:
  • Conference Calls – Students will be required to participate in four (4) 30 minute max. conference calls per year. These calls will review upcoming events, opportunities and school communications. MG or STEP Officers will provide a call number to join, you will be responsible to share the information with your teacher and potentially the MG participants at your school.
  • Leader Evaluation Form – Complete an end of year STEP Leader evaluation form. We want to know how to develop the program going forward and you opinion and comments matter!
  • Five-Year Philanthropy Survey – Participate in our yearly philanthropy survey over a 5 year span. 1x per year answer 8 to 10 questions regarding your philanthropic endeavors outside of MG.


Other STEP OpportunitiesYou pick and choose how you'd like to be involved!

Holiday Giving Circle

  • Attend the MG Holiday Giving Circle, Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 6:30 – 8:30 pm at MG’s office to award a small grant to local charity. The evening will mirror a true Foundation process of advocating and selecting a charity to receive a grant.

Award Ceremony Liaison

  • Plan, coordinate, and/or volunteer for the ceremonies held in April and May.
  • Speaking opportunities: MC/Host Ceremonies, give a speech sharing your experiences and the impact of MG on yourself, your school, and your community.

Student Liaison

  • Donor Thank You: 10 – 15 phone calls and/or written Thank You notes
  • Interview students to collect testimonials regarding their experience (in your school or other schools).
  • Social Media leader: photograph MG related school activities such as agency interactions, fundraising activities, guest speakers etc.
  • Speak to future MG participants to share your experience

Communication Liaison

  • Speaking and Writing opportunities with our Board Members, Newsletter, and/or other community engagement occasions 
  • Join Roger or other staff members to address schools currently not participating in the MG Program.
  • Assist in determining how each program and/or activity is benefiting the MG Community.
  • Connect with school leaders (teachers and administrators) to provide feedback to MG Staff or share program updates to school; including the collection of volunteer hours from school leaders.
  • THE STORY IS KEY: We must capture the stories taking place among MG Groups – photography, pre and post program interviews, capture quotes etc.

OFFICERS NEEDED: We will also be seeking a few students who would like to STEP UP and take on an additional leadership role. 

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Communications Office
  • Treasurer
If you have additional questions about STEP, feel free to contact Alison Kaufman at or 513-733-9727.  Other questions about Magnified Giving can be directed to Todd Forman at 
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