Step 6 – Advocate and VOTE!

Presenting Agency Research and Site Visit Findings

We encourage opportunities for public speaking while advocating on behalf of a nonprofit organization! 

Once the group(s) have selected the non-profit organization they would like to receive the grant students should be prepared to present their research, advocate, and persuade their peers to vote for their non-profit organization.

Suggestions on how to present their non-profit organization: 

  • Create a short documentary
  • Slide presentation with public speaking
  • Written essay
  • Partnered presentation with an agency representative

Get creative – allow your students to get creative – come up with fun engaging ways to present the research. 

Vote!  Discussion and Challenging Decisions

There are numerous ways for students to determine who should receive your grant. Factors include the amount of money you must award, program implementation, student participation, etc. This is where learning occurs.

Most Magnified Giving groups are rather large and limit voting rights to themselves.  Determining who gets a vote and who doesn’t is up to each group.  In some schools, student participants earn “voting points” based upon their level of participation throughout the process – meeting attendance, site visit participation, fundraising events, and extra activities.


  • All-School Voting:  Present the research to their peers through presentations or use of video allowing others to participate in the voting process.
  • Faculty Voting:  Invite faculty, board of directors, or other adult panels to participate in voting.  These adults help choose the winner.
  • Group Consensus:  Smaller groups have simply reviewed the Grant Applications and discussed which agency deserves to receive their grant.

Schools have also created their own hybrid approach to selecting a winner – it is up to each group to decide what works best for them.

Just Remember…

  • At least a $1,000 grant must be gifted to one non-profit agency.
  • Minimum $500 grant to invite the agency to the award ceremony.
  • Minimum $250 grant permitted.


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