Step 3 – Research

Researching Nonprofits

At this point, you have identified the types of social causes which interest your students. Now, research local nonprofits that support those needs. We recommend that students should research at least three to five nonprofits per small group; however, teachers have the flexibility to establish the requirement.


  1. Brainstorm nonprofits the students are already familiar with; perhaps they volunteered with family, clubs, or school activities
  2. Encourage students to ask their parents, peers, or other adults
  3. Reference the list of Registered Nonprofits that other students have already asked to register on our website (By Region)
  4. Search online and on social media for nonprofits that students have not learned about yet – introduce a new NPO to our Magnified Giving program!

Ask Students to Consider:

  • What are your students LOOKING for in a nonprofit?
  • What is important to them when discovering a nonprofit?
  • How do they wish to give their $1,000?  Established organizations or “the Little Guy”
  • Who will BEST utilize this gift?
  • Do the students hope to help many with their gift or have one big impact?
There are no right or wrong answers to these questions!

Confirm 501c3 Status: 

Confirm that the nonprofit that your students selected are eligible to receive funding from Magnified Giving–they must be 501c3!

For a nonprofit to qualify for a grant, they MUST be 501c3 and registered on our website.  If they are already on our Registered Nonprofits list, we have confirmed that they are 501c3.

What if a nonprofit isn’t on the Registered Nonprofit List?   Simple, if your students would like to move forward in the process, have your student INVITE them to apply.  Send an email or place a phone explaining this fantastic program and their potential ability to receive a $1,000 grant for their participation. To help, we have provided an invitation letter the students may use or encourage them to create a letter themselves!  Click HERE.

WHY DO WE DO THIS?  It is important to confirm the nonprofit is registered with the Attorney General, with a valid 501c3 number, in their state of operation.  This is how you know they are truly a 501c3 nonprofit. No need for you to verify the 501c3 number, we will do that for you once the nonprofit submits a registration form. If you would like to do a quick search, you can find more information from Ohio Attorney General and Kentucky Registered Charities. Please visit Program Resources for more information.

Program Resources

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