Step 1 – Developing The Foundation

During this process, you will Educate, Inspire and Engage your students on the impact they are able to have on the social issues and community they care about – even as a Middle School and High School student.

You will educate them on the TRUE meaning of being a philanthropist; it is NOT only about giving MONEY!

Your students have the Time, Talent and with our help Treasure to gift
to the non-profit organization and social cause of their choice.
As you move through our program you will see your students become
enlightened and empowered; ENJOY!

Philanthropy Basics

Below are some suggested questions to address during the program. These may be presented in many ways, but ideally, including students in the presentation of the information will enhance their learning and investment.

Questions for Consideration (Step 1 Answer Key)

  • What is philanthropy?
  • Who are some philanthropists they know? (Celebrity or Not)
  • Why do people become philanthropists?
  • What are social needs?
  • What are the social needs of our community?
  • What are Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)?
  • List Non-Profit Organization they are familiar with and what social need does it address?
  • What is a 501(c)3 designation?
  • Why would non-profit agencies need funding?
  • How do non-profits get their funding?
  • What are Foundations?
  • What are some local Foundations?
  • How do Foundations operate?
  • How do Foundations determine where to give their money?
  • How do NPO’s and Foundations communicate with each other?
  • What are Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or Grant Applications?
  • What do Foundation RFPs / Grant Applications look like?
  • How do Foundation Boards review the RFPs / Grant Applications?
  • How do Foundations monitor their investments?

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