Social Cause: Education


Agencies may identify themselves under this category if they support education in any fashion within a community, national, or internationally.  This may include provide educational supplies as well.  Also, this category may include the concept of educating communities about other social causes such as; mental health, suicide prevention, recycling etc.


Join Lindsey Barta from Magnified Giving as she discusses the social cause of Education in our community.


Education Social Cause Panel Discussion


A nonprofit is considered “Qualified” when they demonstrate they are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and register with Magnified Giving.

Check out the nonprofit organizations on our Qualified Nonprofit Organization page that students have already identified as 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations they are interested in, sort by region (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Northern Ohio, and Indiana) or by Social Cause by clicking at the colorful buttons at the top of the page.

Find information to ask a new nonprofit to join the Qualified Nonprofit list on the page above under “Attention Students” and “Attention Nonprofits.”