Sharing One’s Time, Talent and Treasure

We are always looking for individuals who would like to help Magnified Giving through sharing of their time, talent and treasure.  Here are a number of different ways you can help us teach the next generation of philanthropists:

  • Mission Sharers – We need people to help us share the mission our program and help us get funding for our partner schools, or perhaps future partner schools.  We need people who can invest time looking at the schools we work with and identifying grads from those schools who would be interested in learning about Magnified Giving.
  • Graphic Designers – We need people with graphic design skills who can help us put together newsletters and other publications.
  • Web Support – We need help managing our soon-to-be new and improved website.  We'd also like a mobile version of our site for students to use, or perhaps a Magnified Giving app.
  • Public Relations – We need someone to help us put together a PR plan, and to help us write press releases during the course of the year.
  • Roger’s Assistant – Our founder, Roger Grein, could use people who could help him get to the schools for his speaking engagements.
  • Photography Coordinator – We could use a volunteer to work with the teachers and schools to get photos of the students in action.
  • School Mentors – We are looking for volunteers who have good communication and presentation skills, and who can instruct students on these skills.
  • Technology Support – Magnified Giving's office in Reading could use a technology upgrade. We could really use a color printer and wireless internet.
  • Award Ceremony Planning – We need volunteers to help us acquire in-kind donations for our Awards Ceremonies in May. This includes food and drink, prizes for the Roger Grein Spirit of Philanthropy Awards recipients (students), and event sponsors to offset the costs.  The event sponsor would be recognized and could have a few minutes on stage during the ceremony.
  • Magnified Giving Promotional Materials – We'd like to be able to offer Magnified Giving items to of our teachers and students – t-shirts and other teen-friendly items. We need someone to help us acquire these.
  • Non-Profit Connections – We have a large number of non-profits that have registered with us on our site, but there are many more that need to be contacted and invited to register.  We need volunteers to help us research the many organizations around our schools and invite them to register with Magnified Giving.  The list of NPOs that have registered can be found at
  • Board Members and Board Committee Members – We could always use passionate, skilled and/or connected board members candidates, and folks who can serve on one of our committees.
  • Other Skills… If you have other talents you can share with Magnified Giving, please let us know!