School Sponsorship

Magnified Giving can truly MAGNIFY your Investment

We are currently working with just a few of the hundreds of high schools and middle schools in this region. We have the opportunity to touch the lives of many more students. Will you help us continue to touch the lives of the students at our partner schools, or help us train the next generation of philanthropists at your favorite school?
Here is what you investment will provide:
At each sponsored school*

  • 50 students and 1 or more teachers will fully experience the student philanthropy program through Magnified Giving
  • 250 additional students at the school will learn about student philanthropy through the full program participants
  • Dozens of social causes will be explored and discussed by the participants
  • Selected non-profit agencies will be explored by the participants
  • Five to ten non-profit agencies will be thoroughly evaluated with personal connection made between students and staff
  • The Student Philanthropy teacher will receive training and on-going support through Magnified Giving
  • Student philanthropists will participate in the annual Magnified Giving Award Ceremony and meet dozens of community social service agency representatives, donors, and friends of Magnified Giving
  • Connections with non-profit agencies will be established that for some students and advisors could last a lifetime

     *Average numbers are used above.  Philanthropy group sizes range from 5 – 180.
Students' MINDS will be developed.

Students will learn…

  • Effective communication skills – verbal and written
  • Critical thinking and decision-making
  • The basics of philanthropy, the ins and outs of non-profits, grant applications, Federal Tax ID Non-Profit status, and much more
  • Effective research techniques and tools
  • How to read basic financial statements from the non-profit agencies
  • Presentation skills
  • Persuasive speaking skills

Students' HEARTS will be touched. 
Students will have the opportunity to…

  • Meet philanthropists and learn how to live lives focused on helping others
  • Explore non-profits that are addressing the needs of our community
  • Make personal connections with community leaders
  • Fundraise to magnify the financial impact they are able to make in the community
  • Connect with students from dozens of other schools participating in this program
  • Personally grant $1000 – $2000 to non-profit agencies to help them make a difference in the community
  • Meet dozens of social service agency representatives, philanthropists and other people living lives for others at our Magnified Giving Award Ceremony
  • Develop skills to be a philanthropist and engaged volunteer

You will be rewarded and your gift will have been MAGNIFIED.
By sponsoring a school, you will have helped students start down a path of learned philanthropy that will touch their lives and the lives of others for years to come. You will truly have planted seeds that will grow for generations.

The best $2500 you will ever invest.
Your $2500 investment will sponsor a school for a year.  It will provide grant money for the students to award to a non-profit agency, matching monies for any fundraising they accomplish, training and year-long support from the Magnified Giving staff, and a stipend for the teacher/advisor who coordinates the program at your sponsored school.

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