Program Resources – Step 5

Step Five: Evaluate Grant Application (Optional)

Students will request each nonprofit complete Magnified Giving’s grant application on an annual basis. Evaluate the grant application to determine the financial benefit of the nonprofit and its impact on the community. (*Note, the grant application will be posted on the registered nonprofit page, if it was already submitted for that year it will already be available to your students)

At this point the students have identified the Social Cause, Researched Non-Profits supporting that cause, Conducted Site Visits, Interviews and hopefully Volunteered.   The students are beginning to narrow the agencies to their top choices and NOW they are ready to examine the Grant Application(s).

Anytime a Non-Profit is hoping to receive a grant from a Foundation or Corporation they are asked to complete a Grant Application.  A grant application may range from a simple form to submitting in-depth documentation about the Non-Profit and how they intend to utilize the grant.   Our process is similar but on a much smaller scale.

Step 5 Resources


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