Program Resources – Step 3

Step Three: Research Nonprofits

Research three to five local nonprofit organizations that serve the social cause that interests students. Learn the variety of ways that nonprofits lead social action in your community around that social cause. (*Note, to be eligible to receive funds through our program, the nonprofit must be registered 501(c)(3)

Ask Students to Consider:

  • What are your students LOOKING for in a nonprofit?
  • What is important to them when discovering a nonprofit?
  • How do they wish to give their $1,000?  Established organizations or “the Little Guy”
  • Who will BEST utilize this gift?
  • Do the students hope to help many with their gift or have one big impact?

Magnified Giving Registered Nonprofits

The nonprofits that are on our website are there because students invited them! All nonprofits listed are confirmed by Magnified Giving to receive funding. Becoming registered is the first step in the process for the nonprofit partners. Once registered, their information will stay on our website from year to year–If they would like to update their information, please request assistance from Alison Kaufman,

In this step, your students will:

  1. Research 3-4 nonprofit organizations per small group with a local connection that serve the social cause that they have learned about–compare and contrast organizations
  2. If the students would like to select them to continue in the Magnified Giving process…
  3. Confirm that the nonprofit is registered on our website
  4. If not, reach out and ask them to register (Sample Communication Templates)
  5. Move on to Step 4 to build a relationship with the organization through Site Visits & Volunteering


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