NPO Video Ads

Non-Profit Representatives –

Would you like the opportunity to reach more Magnified Giving students?  Do you often wonder how to make your non-profit stand out from the crowd? Well, here is your opportunity.

1. Record a short video targeted at MG students.  You can simply use your iPhone or other device to share your story – nothing complicated, just heartfelt and sincere. Introduce yourself and explain why you would like MG students to consider your organization for a grant and invite them to further explore the good work you do.  You may also choose to share a link to a short video or piece about your non-profit. That is OK with us.

2. Post your video (Vimeo, YouTube, etc…) and share a link with us.  Simply email the link to  Be sure to include your name and the name of your organization.

3. This small image   will be placed next to your agency's name on our Qualified page.  It will link to your video. 

Contact  Todd Forman at