MG Alumni Giving Circle

Vision: To create a forum for alumni to stay connected and encourage them to share their own philanthropic experience with each other, post Magnified Giving class in school. Additionally, we strive to create a thriving network of young professionals who understand the importance of philanthropy in society.

The first MGAA Giving Circle took place December 23, 2015. A small but mighty group of alum’s gathered at the MG office and chose the social issue of homelessness as their topic to support.  This test of the Alumni Associations methods was successful. As the Association grows, the methods for conducting a meaningful annual grant will also grow in strength.

While utilizing their knowledge and experiences from their days participating in Magnified Giving while in high school, the students agreed upon the grant criterion and the research began. After researching and discussing 15 charities, the group of college and high school students narrowed the field of discussion down to 8 charities working to irradiate homelessness in our community.  Four hours later and after much debate and persuasion, the two winning charities were agreed upon.

The first two Magnified Giving Alumni Association grants were awarded to The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition and the First Step Home. Both organizations met the students’ criteria for working directly to end homelessness, respect human dignity, while operating on a small budget with direct services and high success rates. The grants for $500 each were awarded by two alumnae on Tuesday, December 29, 2015.

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