Magnified Giving’s Grant Application


Students may send an invitation to complete a Grant Application in order for your organization to possibly receive the $1,000 grant. This must be completed annually, as it asks financial questions about the past year.

The grant application will provide additional detailed information to middle and high school students. Through our curriculum, our students are learning to examine a nonprofit in a similar fashion as a foundation when deciding on a grant recipient. Note: Our Grant Application is simple and designed for our participating youth to comprehend the information. Part of our program is also designed to provide professional communication skills, leadership, and growth; you will be communicating with students along with the support of their teachers. This is a key learning aspect of our program.



Hello Nonprofit Representatives,

Thank you for your interest in applying for a Magnified Giving grant. Once completed, your application will be made available to all Magnified Giving student participants via our online database. Please note that the information you share through your grant application will be viewable to all visitors to our website.

The Process Can Start With You

  1. Make sure you are on Magnified Giving’s Registered Nonprofit list and that your information is up-to-date.  Click HERE to see what we have on file for your organization.  If you are not on our Qualified list, you must first register with Magnified Giving in order to complete our Grant Application.  Click HERE to become registered.
  2. Complete the grant application form below.  Once completed, a copy of your grant application will be placed in our Grant Application Database for all Magnified Giving students to view.  An indicator will also be placed on our Qualified NPO list so that students know you have completed a Grant Application for the 2021-2022 School Year.  Notes: (1) The grant application form  must be completed in one sitting.  (2) Once completed, your form may take up to 24 hours to be posted to our Grant Application Database. 
  3. A receipt will be sent to you.  For your convenience, a copy of your grant application will be sent to the email address you provide on the form below.
  4. You’re good to go!  Once posted, your grant application will be visible to the over 5000 Magnified Giving students to learn about your organization.   Note: If at any time you need to update your Grant Application, simply reapply and your previous application will be replaced with the new one.

Are you a Program that is part of a Community Foundation?
If you are part of a community Foundation and students are looking to possibly directing their grant to one of your specific funds, please contact us.

The Learning Begins
Throughout the year, students will be researching non-profit organizations that interest them, reviewing the Grant Applications we have received, inviting other agencies to complete the grant application, and finally choosing their grant recipient(s).  Most grants will be awarded in late April and May 2022, however, some may be granted earlier.

The Learning Curve
If we have your grant application on file and you happen to receive requests to complete it again, please contact us.

Contact Program Director Alison Kaufman at  Questions about the Grant Application can be directed to Allison Riley at