Magnified Giving Non-Profit Registration


This step allows our students to learn general information about your organization at a glance. All organizations eligible for our program must be a 501c3 organization, with direct support to the local community and our staff will be verifying the information provided through the Attorney General website or another online resource. We will then post your registration information with the 400+ nonprofits registered with Magnified Giving on the Qualified Nonprofits page of our program website by region, this registration page will remain available year after year.

Registered Already?  Information Still Accurate?
Visit our Qualified Nonprofits page to see if your NPO is already registered with Magnified Giving AND if your information is accurate.  If it needs to be updated, please complete a new registration form to update any information and provide new logos, links to videos, or images.  If you have a minor change, simply email Allison Riley at

Welcome! You have been invited by students to register your 501c3 nonprofit organization with Magnified Giving!

Thank you for taking the time to engage with the youth in our community. To “register” means that you are starting the process to engage with students and eligible to receive a grant from Magnified Giving students at over 100 middle and high schools in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana if they select your organization. This program gives you an opportunity to participate in the development of the next generation of philanthropists, and potentially your next wave of board members!

We hope you choose to join the hundreds of local Non-Profit organizations supporting our mission and the future of our community. We are here to support you in working with youth philanthropists!

If you would like to learn more about Magnified Giving please visit!

For additional information contact Program Director Alison Kaufmann at

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