Magnified Giving Alumni Association

We have all been there – the Awards Ceremony, end of the year surveys, and of course the big checks. But what’s next? The relationships developed, lessons learned, and spirit of Magnified Giving never end. We invite you to continue your philanthropic journey by joining the Magnified Giving Alumni Association!

Mission: The Magnified Giving Alumni Association exists through a partnership with Magnified Giving, a 501(c)3 educational organization that strives to educate, inspire, and engage students in philanthropy. Our mission as a family of alumnus is to continue to grow our relationship with philanthropy and expand our experience through our connections with each other, our communities, and Magnified Giving. As a whole, we strive to magnify the impact of philanthropy in the lives of others at the collegiate level and beyond.

Vision: To create a forum for alumni to stay connected and encourage them to share their own philanthropic experience, post Magnified Giving, with each other. Additionally, we strive to create a thriving network of professionals who understand the importance of philanthropy in society.

Who is an “alum”: Any students who has participated in the Magnified Giving program at their high school or middle school is eligible for membership into the Alumni Association – regardless of how your school implemented the program. We recognize that Magnified Giving has no end point and provide a forum for students to stay engaged and active in philanthropic work. 

What does the Alumni Association do?  We understand that your time is precious, so we want to provide opportunities for our alumni to engaged, regardless of why they are engaged. Through virtual meetings, Q&A sessions with prominent Cincinnati philanthropists, networking nights, as well social gatherings, students will be able to stay connected and engaged with Magnified Giving, while sharing their time, talent, and treasures with their university campus, communities, and peers.

How do I join the Alumni Association? It’s quite simple, complete the Magnified Giving Alumni Association registration and tell us what you have been up to since your involvement with Magnified Giving. You will then be added to our email listserv, which will give you access and information to social and professional events, the latest school updates, discussion forums, and newsletters. Members are encouraged to pay the $20 annual membership due that will help to sponsor a grant for a first year school program in Magnified Giving.  This can be accomplished by clicking on the DONATE NOW button on our homepage.  When you get to the PayPal form, there will be a space for Comments.  It is here that we ask you to identify yourself as an Magnfied Giving Alum, and to let us know what school you attended.

Click HERE to register for the MGAA.  Magnified Giving is for life!


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