Inviting an NPO to register with Magnified Giving

Student Participants –

You can copy and paste the text below into your email, adding your name, school name and signature line. Note: Please CC: when you send the email. 

Prior to sending confirm with your teacher or advisor a non-profit will be able to reply to your email if sending from a school address and will not be blocked due to security.

Dear ________,

My name is ________________ and I am a student at _____________________.   This year we are participating in Magnified Giving’s ( Student Philanthropy Program.  We are learning about philanthropy, the social needs of our community, the non-profits addressing those needs, and later we will have the opportunity to grant $1000 to a deserving non-profit organization. 

We are just starting our exploration and would like to learn more about your organization.  For us to continue learning about your agency, we need you to “register” on Magnified Giving’s website.  By registering, you will learn more about Magnified Giving and their educational process.  Also, in registering you will be making your information available to not only our group, but to any school and student participating in Magnified Giving.  The registration page is an opportunity for you to share basic contact information, your mission and identify 3 social causes your organization supports.  Part of the support provided by Magnified Giving is to confirm the status of the 501c3 number shared on the registration form, please ensure it is accurate prior to hitting submit to not hold up the process.

Please visit Magnified Giving’s NPO Registration Page if you’d like to register your non-profit to allow us to learn more about your organization.  Feel free to contact Magnified Giving’s Director of Programs Mrs. Alison Kaufman ( if you have any questions.

Thank you,