Intro Letter to Teachers

Fellow Educator –

My name is Todd Forman and I am a teacher at Mount Notre Dame High School in Cincinnati and I serve as Program Director of Magnified Giving.  Founded in 2008 by Cincinnati businessman and philanthropist Roger Grein, our mission at Magnified Giving is to help develop the next generation of philanthropists – today’s teens.  Our approach is helping transform the hearts and minds of thousands of young people in Ohio and Kentucky, and we do this with the help of dedicated and caring teachers like yourself, committed to not only teaching your students math, English and social studies, but also teaching them how to be kind, caring and generous people with their time, talent and treasure.

Magnified Giving’s Student Philanthropy Program is a terrific opportunity for students to become engaged in our community through hands-on philanthropy, by granting real money to deserving non-profit agencies.  We provide the money ($1000 +$250 matching) and the tools for teaching about philanthropy, community needs, non-profit organizations, critical decision-making, grant applications and other components of the program.  The students then review the grants, make tough decisions and present a BIG check to the agency they choose at the our Awards Ceremony in May (Click HERE to see for photos and information.)  The teacher who leads the program at each school will also receive at $250 stipend for his/her time investment.

Our Student Philanthropy Program is very flexible.  It can be implemented through an existing class or an extra-curricular club.  It can be implemented in a semester or during the course of the year.  We currently have 56 partner schools (Click HERE for the list), each one implementing the program in their own unique way.  At this point every school will be returning to participate in our program and we will be adding 15 schools for the 2015-16 school year.

Not only does the program have a tremendous impact on the student participants, it also helps teachers teach their content with meaning and context.  Click HERE to see our Spring 2013 newsletter and read English teacher Julie Vehorn’s story.

Click HERE for more specific information about our program, and HERE for a downloadable application.  Application deadline is August 21, 2015.

On a personal note, I have been teaching high school students for 26 years, and through Magnified Giving I have had the opportunity to teach students about philanthropy through hands-on grant making.  It is truly one of the most rewarding programs I have been a part of and has a tremendous impact on the students fortunate enough to participate.  I hope you consider this opportunity!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information about our program.   


Todd Forman
Mount Notre Dame / Magnified Giving
Service – Philanthropy – Web