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Welcome to Magnified Giving! 

Magnified Giving is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2008, our mission is to educate, inspire and engage students in philanthropy, and to touch the hearts and minds of teens, lighten the concerns of others, and magnify the impact of philanthropy.

How does the Magnified Giving Program Work?



Follow 6 steps as they explore social causes, research nonprofits, volunteer, and award funds to a nonprofit.


The backbone of our program, act as facilitators and guides throughout the Magnified Giving process.


Share their mission with student philanthropists, and if chosen, are awarded funds at a giving ceremony.


Magnify their donations —fostering future generosity while supporting nonprofits in need.

Explore social issues that matter to them.

Engage with nonprofit organizations, volunteering, or conducting a site visit to find out more about their mission and why the work they do is essential to their community.

Use their voice to advocate and vote for one or more nonprofits to receive grant funds based on what they learned from their grant application and personal experience.

Understand Impact: Students ask the nonprofit organizations to submit grant proposals for $1,000 (or more if the students fundraise additional funds) to evaluate how their funds will be spent. Students consider how volunteering or advocating for an organization or social cause makes an impact. Students compare the budgets of nonprofits and learn how they stretch their budgets to maximize impact.

Reflect on why their actions matter and what the youth philanthropy experience means to them, the nonprofit organizations, and the community.

Celebrate the learning process and award the $1,000 grant to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization at the annual Giving Ceremony events.

We do this through a six-step program implemented by teachers that connect donors, students, teachers, and nonprofit organizations.

Last year over 6,000 students awarded $170,000 to 135 local nonprofits!

Since 2008 Magnified Giving students have awarded over $1 million dollars to nonprofit organizations!

What’s New at Magnified Giving?

Social Cause Panels: Explore 13 Social Cause Categories with Lindsey Barta, Magnified Giving’s Associate Director! Learn directly from nonprofit leaders about the causes they care about, how they became experts in their field, and how they navigated the nonprofit field during the pandemic in these pre-recorded 30 minute sessions.

Roger Grein: An Empowered Philanthropist

Documentary on Magnified Giving Founder has been released! Learn more about MG Founder: Roger Grein

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