Fundraising Efforts (Optional)

While organizing a school fundraiser as part of your Magnified Giving program is completely optional, it is an opportunity for your students to enhance this experience and integrate the entire school community.  Empower your students to take ownership of a fundraiser and watch the leadership skills emerge! 

We give each program $1,000 to grant PLUS we will match up to $250 for additional school raised funds.  School fundraisers allow the students to gift more to a single agency OR impact multiple agencies! NOTE:  all school raised funds must filter through Magnified Giving to be matched and granted to an agency at an Award Ceremony!

How Does Magnified Giving Receive the Funds?

  • Send donation directly from your supporters to MG.
  • Filter through the school treasury department to MG.
  • Fundraising through a local restaurant, request the funds be sent directly to us instead of to the school.  
  • Magnified Giving group name/school needs to be notated on the check or included letter.


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