Frequently Asked Questions


How are schools chosen for the Student Philanthropy Program?
Each summer an invitation is sent out to selected teachers and administrators at area high schools, however we have difficulty getting into many school districts.  We just don't have the right contacts.  We are looking for those special people at EVERY high school in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.  Applications are sent in June and are due by late August.  

How can I make sure that my school is invited to participate?
Easy.  Contact Alison Kaufman ( and tell her your name, the name of the school, the name of a contact person at that school, and contact information.  She will follow up with a phone call to share information about the program and the application process.

Do you only work with high school students?
No.  While we believe in introducing philanthropy education at the middle (and even elementary) school level, we believe that a level of cognitive development is required to fully participate in our program.  We focus our energies at the high school and junior high level, and continue to stay connected to the collegiate program that Roger helped create. We do, however, offer summer camps that are geared towards teaching young children the power of giving of their time, talent and treasure, through age-appropriate activities.

Could our Youth Group, Home School Group, or other group participate?
Great question!  If you have a group of committed, organized high-school age students eager to learn about philanthropy, and an adult leader willing to oversee the program, the we would be willing to talk with you!  Contact Alison Kaufman ( to discuss. 



How is Magnified Giving funded?
Funding for our programming comes from Roger Grein, a number of different foundations, and over 300 individual investors who generously give of their treasure.  We are always looking for other like-minded individuals, organizations and companies that would like to help Magnifed Giving teach today's teens how to become philanthropists.  If you would like to learn more, visit the giving section of our website.