Financial Literacy Programs

Magnified Giving is thrilled to offer our facilitators another resource available to continue enhancing the education, empowerment, and inspiration of your students. We are very proud to add these Financial Literacy project-based lessons to our resources. An expert in the Financial Literacy field worked with us over the summer to create a project for our Middle Schools and High Schools. Over the past year it became very clear to us the importance of such lessons; our youth need to understand how to Earn, Save, Live and Give.

Managing money is not a real world elective, it’s a reality for every American. While some teens have few financial responsibilities in high school, others are making adult decisions now such as deciding where to go to college, what they can afford, and agreeing to student loan terms they may not fully understand. The transition to adulthood is full of a series of singular financial decisions that have a compounding impact on their lives.

In a world where financial distress is a leading indicator of suicide and divorce, we owe it to students to teach them basic money management skills. And of course, as they learn to build wealth, they will have more opportunities to give back to the world. This project-based series of lessons is designed to be relevant to their lives and the financial choices they are faced with today.

You are a senior in high school. Your parents have not saved for college or trade school (certificate program). How can you save enough to graduate with less student debt than the expected starting salary in your future career field?

Lesson Materials:

You have spent over $150 on in-app purchases. Your parents are grounding you until you are able to get a job and make enough money to pay them back.

Lesson Materials:

If you have questions about the lessons, contact Alison Kaufman at or 513-733-9727.