Providing the Fuel for Developing The Next Generation of Philanthropists

You are the foundation upon which our program is built. Magnified Giving depends upon financial investments from our partner donors to provide money for the students to invest in the community. Every penny given is invested wisely, and the bang-for-the-buck is extraordinary. Your money is given once, but touches many lives – the 2000 students (and growning!)who get the opportunity to learn the power of giving and then the thousands of people served by the non-profits that receive the grant. Inspired by the intial $1000 we give them to invest, many student groups choose to do additional fundraising to increase their giving power.

Your investment is truly magnified.

Generosity in Action
Magnified Giving is blessed to be funded by many benefactors. Each year we bring on more schools to participate in our program, and our need for financial partners continues to grow. Please consider letting some of the money you would normally earmark for charitable giving pass through the hands of high school students first. Consider joining the Roger Grein Society ($1000 or more). Consider helping expand our program by Sponsoring a School.

Visit our giving page for more information being a financial partner with Magnified Giving.