Blue Alliance IT Service Program – Service Challenge 2023

Growing Through Giving: The Benefits of Community Involvement

As a professional in the IT world, we know you are a hard-working, dedicated service professional.   You care about your work, your co-workers, the clients you serve everyday, and of course, your family.  At Blue Alliance we all strive to be the best version of ourselves and grow as human beings.  Serving others in our communities in any variety of ways can help us become healthier and happier people.  Serving is good for our minds and bodies, can help us connect with people outside of our work spheres, and can provide us with a bigger sense of purpose.  We want happy, healthy team members, so Blue Alliance provides paid time off for us to step away and sharpen our saws.  Please take advantage of this opportunity and see the difference it will make!

What is the Service Challenge 2023 (SC2023)?

The SC2023 is a corporate-wide program designed to encourage and challenge all of us within the Blue Alliance family of companies to participate in our Service Grant program by utilizing the Service Grant Hours (SGH) benefit we have all been gifted.  Employees serving others on company time will make a huge difference – in the communities where we serve, in our own lives, and within the Blue Alliance family.  By setting service goals, providing recognition and through sharing of our experiences, our hope is to eventually inspire all employees to fully utilize the gift we’ve been given – up to 40 hours of PTO each year to make a difference! 

Why Should I Participate?

The SC2023 will challenge you to make some time to step away from your computer, take a break from your day-to-day routine, and to get out and make a difference in lives of others!  By getting out and serving others, you will be someone’s hero for the day while recharging your batteries.  The time spent serving others will be well-invested!  Not convinced?  Click HERE.

Who Should Participate?

Everyone within our Blue Alliance IT should register to participate in the Service Challenge – even if you have never participated in service or even if you think you can only use a portion of your SGH this year.  There is no better time to get started, and giving some of your time is better than giving none of your time!

How Do I Participate?

  1. REGISTER to participate in the Service Challenge 2023.
  2. REQUEST to use your SGH through Paycom. (Click HERE to learn your Service Grant Benefit).
  3. RECORD your serve hours after completing your service activity.

Recording Your Service

After completing a service activity, make sure you fill out official record your service hours.  You can assign the hours you served to one of the six categories – whichever fits best.   (If your service fits none of those categories, you can select “Other”.)

Already use some SGH this year?  Great!  If you already participated in service during 2023, prior to this challenge being announced, this is not a problem! Feel free to record previous hours completed after January 1, 2023.

Challenge 2023 Social Causes & Goals

We have chosen six social causes to focus on this year: Children, Environment, Health, Hunger & Poverty, Senior Services and Veterans & Military.  Our goal is to have Blue Alliance IT members serve a combined 250 hours of service towards each social cause – for a total of goal 1500 service hours during 2023.  Note: You are permitted to serve organizations that have a different social cause focus than represented in our six categories.

Let’s Have Some Fun

  • Register for the Challenge by March 31 to be eligible for a nice array of prizes – gift cards, swag from non-profits, books, t-shirts, etc…
  • Record your Service Grant Hours as you complete them.   Totals will be updated weekly.
  • Raffle prizes will be given periodically – one chance per hour of recorded service.
  • Recognition will be given on this webpage and well as via Service Update emails and newsletters.
  • The Celebration of Service will be held in January 2024 at MadTree Brewing in Cincinnati to recognize those who have utilized 20 or more of their Service Grant Hours this year.

A Great Opportunity

  • Serve 20 or more hours by Dec. 1, 2023 and you can nominate your favorite non-profit organization to receive a grant of up to $1000.
  • Pitch your organization via a short video which we will post to this page in mid-December.
  • Those who completed and recorded SGH will get the opportunity to vote for a non-profit – one vote per SGH recorded.
  • If your non-profit receives the most votes, you will get the opportunity to present the check to the them at our Celebration of Service in January 2024!

Thank You! 

Thanks for your participation in our Service Grant Challenge 2023.  We look forward to serving with you and don’t hesitate to reach out to Todd Forman ( or your Community Advisory Team representative if you have questions.