Awards Ceremony Preparation

Your group is entering a very exciting part of the program!  You have made it through steps 1-5 (most likely) and are preparing to announce the Grant Recipient!  So, what is next?

FEBRUARY – EARLY APRIL (depending on the Award Ceremony Date selected)

  • Continue to complete the monthly update request sent via email by the Director of Programs.
  • Notify your students of the Roger Grein Spirit of Philanthropy Award opportunity:
    • Students self-nominate
    • Please encourage those you feel were passionate during this process, stepped up as a leader and deserving of such an honor.
    • Application can be found under Student Opportunities button on our website or you also have access to it through the Shared Teacher Resources folder.
  • Notify your students of the Award Ceremony Leadership Opportunities:
    • Emcee
    • Other speaking or Non-speaking
    • Greeters/Check-in
    • Set-up / Breakdown

Encourage those expressing interest to email the Director of Programs, 


  • Has your group notified the selected agency?  Do they know they will be expected to attend an Award Ceremony in the next few months? 
  • Has your group Thanked the agencies who were NOT selected? Please encourage the students to do so!
  • Click HERE to find form letters for both situations.


  • Click HERE to submit the agency(ies) information and the amount of the grant(s). Due dates for this information will vary based upon the Award Ceremony date selected.
  • Should we have questions regarding the information submitted or the dollar amount to be granted we will be in touch.  Also, if you are including school raised funds on this form please ensure Magnified Giving has or will be receiving the funds prior to the Award Ceremony.  


  • Dates and sign up information will be available by CLICKING HERE.
  • Please invite people from your school community including:  teachers, administrators, students and parents to attend the event. This is a great opportunity to celebrate your students and their hard work. 
    • We will be in touch closer to your ceremony date to request RSVP information for the Agency Representative and school staff / administrators planning to attend.
    • This year we do not need the parents or students to RSVP!
  • Notify the Agency Representative of the Award Ceremony selected to ensure they send someone to speak on behalf of the non-profit.
  • Select the student(s) to speak on behalf of the school during the ceremony. 
  • Send a photo of the group performing service, a group meeting or fundraiser.  Also include the school logo as well as the Non-Profit Agency logo, if available. We will create a Powerpoint Presentation to be shown during the ceremony.  Email to
  • Click HERE for Awards Ceremony Preparation Information