Artswave Grant

Artswave has given Magnified Giving students the opportunity to invest $1500 of their funding into a local non-profit organization!  The grant must be used to support art-based programming and the decision on who receives the grant must be made by Magnified Giving students.   The winning agencies will receive their checks at one of the Magnified Giving Awards Ceremonies this spring.

Our Four Outstanding Art-Related Organizations
Four non-profit organizations that are registered with Magnified Giving have been invited to participate in this competition – A Brush of Hope, Happen Inc., Melodic Connections and Visionaries + Voices. Each organization is has created a short 1 – 2 minute video that explains what they do and how they would use a grant of $1000.

MG Students – Vote to select $1000 Grant Winner!
Magnified Giving teachers were invited to participate in this grant making opportunity and our voters have been chose.  Students will be emailed a link to the video page where they will watch the videos and vote for their favorite.  Voting will take place from March 12 – 23.

MG Students, other students + everyone else – VIEW and SHARE videos to help determine our $500 Grant Winner!
A portion of this grant will be decided by which non-profit organization video receives the most points based upon Total Views*.  This will allow students, teachers and non-profit organizations to share their videos on social media and encourage people to help them earn $500 simply by watching their video.  Views between March 12 – 23 will be counted for this competition.  (*Total Views: Vimeo keeps track of Views (when play is clicked) and Finishes (when the entire video has been watched).  Views count for 1 point, but Finishes count for 5 points.)

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View their Grant Application View their Grant Application
View their Grant Application View their Grant Application