A Winning Program on Many Levels

STUDENTS WIN because they learn about the many social causes that affect our city, discover the many different non-profit agencies that are addressing the various needs, learn about how non-profit agencies operate and are funded, learn how foundations operate, develop critical thinking skills, and discover the power they have to make a difference in the community. 

Student comments:

“This program has definitely taught me to want to go out and learn more about the community and want to go out and do something for the community. It has taught to me to learn specifically about organizations and if it uses its money wisely.”

“I want to be more involved with projects like this one. When I get through college I will try to set up a fund like this so I can donate to a nonprofit organization”.

“This program is great because not only does it bring money to organizations that need it, but it promotes philanthropy among teenagers and helps them to be more giving of their time, talent and treasure.”

“This program gives students the chance to do something bigger than themselves…it has made me grow and become a more mature person.”

“The philanthropy project has helped me to become a more fulfilled philanthropist, and opened my eyes to all the new opportunities I have to help serve others and my community.”


TEACHERS WIN because they are able to offer the students real money to invest and introduce the power of philanthropy to their classroom content, through an existing club they lead, or to an extracurricular organization that focuses on philanthropy.

“I want my students to leave my classroom with the tools and confidence needed to affect positive change in the global and local community. To instill in students a sense of interconnectedness with the world around them is essential to their successful educational experience. Unquestionably, the Student Philanthropy Program has helped me achieve these goals – not just in my classroom, but in my own world-view as well. I had the opportunity to tinker with a variety of technological avenues to help my students fully immerse in this program. More importantly, the Student Philanthropy Program offered me the chance to be truly moved and inspired by my students. This, above all, is the greatest take-away.” – Ariel Warshaw, Social Studies Teacher, Wyoming High School


AGENCIES WIN because they are exposed a large number of students interested in learning more about what they do, they are given opportunities to present in classrooms or to host student visitors, and many agencies receive much needed financial support if they are chosen by the student groups.

"Working with Magnified Giving has given CancerFree KIDS an opportunity to build on our most valued resource, our youth.  They are our future volunteers and philanthropist.  It has allowed us to help light the spark within the our students to show that one person can make a difference and help so many.  working with these students has brought awareness to our organization along with much needed grant awards." – Cindy Pilipovich, CancerFree KIDS School Liaison


DONORS WIN because they not only have their investment given to carefully selected agencies addressing the pressing needs of our community, they have the satisfaction of knowing they helped dozens of students learn how to become philanthropists simply because they let their donation first pass through the hands of high school students.

“My wife Mary and I love Magnified Giving’s mission – it empowers lives!  Our giving is a way to help young people and also impact lives in need. Each year we witness its power and its impact personally at the year-end banquet.  We are excited for the future of the program and look forward to even more students’ hearts being touched by this program.” – Jim Jackson, Director of Development, The Summit Country Day School, and Magnified Giving Board Member



Additional Student Comments:

I have learned that there are many organizations that need help to continue their assistance. If they didn't have the proper funding, people would go without what they need to help them survive. I will remember this because along the way of growing up, there are going to be times when we run into people in need and the true test is to see who helps and who turns the other way. I will be the one who helps and understands they need help.

I was so grateful to be able to experience an opportunity like this. My philanthropy leaders did a phenomenal job of introducing strategies that I know will be beneficial in the business world. I want to major in business and having this experience not only introduced me to crucial techniques but I was also able to learn the importance of philanthropic giving. One of the things that I really enjoyed was visiting my agency and getting to know the directors. My group and I really made a strong connection with them and they could tell that we were passionate about sending their message to the rest of the community. I also enjoyed presenting our presentations to our fellow team members and faculty from our school. We got great feedback and people were really impressed with the dedication and effort that we had put into our presentation. I would love to be able to continue to do something like this in college and maybe even be someone to help run a program like this in other schools.

This program has definitely taught me to want to go out and learn more about the community and want to go out and do something for the community. It has taught to me to learn specifically about organizations and if it uses its money wisely.

This program made me want to continue to donate money to different organizations once I actually have some to give.  Even a small amount makes a difference to people trying to run these facilities.

I'd like to take a job maybe in social work or like a therapist. To make the best out of my life and know I’m helping others is something that inspires me. So I’d like to go to college and perhaps major in something that deals with helping others reach their fullest potential.