A Message from generationOn

Dear Magnified Giving Teachers,

We at generationOn Schools applaud your method of teaching youth about philanthropy and preparing them to become wise philanthropists. We are pleased to support you and the greater Cincinnati area’s new generation of philanthropists with Learning to Give’s comprehensive service-learning and philanthropy education resources for the classroom.

Learning to Give, the curriculum division of generationOn, educates youth about the importance of philanthropy, the civil society sector, and civic engagement. We think you’ll appreciate our extended service-learning and philanthropy education resources available at www.generationOn.org and www.learningtogive.org including: 

Join generationOn at www.generationon.org to become part of our national youth service movement and to take full advantage of our free online education resources as well as professional development, targeted support, participation in our member community, and service-learning tracking. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments at schools@generationon.org.


Betsy Flikkema & Davida Gatlin
generationOn Schools