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Attention Teachers:  This page stores all of the links and information you will need to succesfully implement your program. If you find a link is broken, or have a suggestion for information to be posted, please email allson@magnifiedgiving.org. 

Pre-Program Prep
Program Goals Worksheet  Teacher resource for setting goals and encouraging continued program improvement
Program Implementation Timeline Chart for recording key dates, sequence for program implementation

Chart of Participating Schools
Click HERE for simple list on our site. (2017-2018)
Click HERE for a more detailed list including teacher email addresses. (2017-2018)
Click HERE for a Google map of all schools. (2017-2018)

Student Registration Database
We are no longer asking students to register with Magnified Giving.

Best Practices – Teacher Sharing
Click HERE for our database of shared ideas.  Please email all new ideas to alison@magnifiedgiving.org.  

Building our List of Qualified NPOs
Agency Contact – TF's Letter Inviting Agencies to Register with MG
Word Document   PDF Document

NPO Registration
This is the form agencies complete if they want to register on a our site:

Qualified Non-Profits
This is the list of organizations that have registered on our website.
www.mgprograms.org/qualifed   (or simply  /q)

Click HERE to see in an OHIO non-profit organization is valid. 

Grant Application
The online grant application can be found at www.mgprograms.org/grantapplication (or simply /ga)

Standard Communication
This is the list of documents student can use to notify winning agencies and those not selected for the grant.
www.mgprograms.org/standardcommunication (or simply /sc)

Grant Applications Database
Click HERE to see ALL of the grant applications that agencies have completed and that have been posted to our website by the Program Director. If your students are seriously exploring a grant application for a non-profit, your will want your students to contact that organization to let them know.   Hint:  Click the LIST VIEW icon for easier viewing.  

To see if a non-profit has actually submitted an application you can click HERE. If you see a grant application on this list that has not yet been posted to www.magnifiedgiving.org/qualified page, please contact alison@magnifiedgiving.org. 

Magnified Giving's W9 Form

Teacher Manual
Contact Alison Kaufman (alison@magnifiedgiving.org) for a link.

Teacher Shared Resources
Click HERE for the items that teachers have created and shared. 
Click HERE for Perry Service Learning Resource website – great stuff!
Please send items to alison@magnifiedgiving.org that you would like added to this database.

The Giving Pledge: A new club for Billionaires (60 Minutes episode)
TED Talk – Dan Pallotta: The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong
What is Philanthropy?  Produced by Wyoming High School students
Can Money Buy Happiness?  You might be surprised!
Poverty, Inc. Click for trailer.  Available on Netflix (from Justin Yankech, Alter HS)

Alan Hassenfeld – International business leader and philanthropist (Keynote talk)
Mr. Hassenfled was the keynote speaker at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Symposium held on October 30, 2015.  The topic was Philanthropic Leadership for Social Impact. Great stories and nuggets of information that you might be able to use with your students.

Angels' Passing Changes Local Philanthropic LandscapeCincinnati Enquirer (July 2012)
90% of Children Give To Charity   Huffington Post 9/12/13

Research Report on Cincinnati Area Non-Profits
Holding Our Communities Together:  The Nonprofits of Greater Cincinnati

Other Resources
Learning By Giving – Warren Buffett's and Doris Buffetts' Program
Learning By Giving
Giving Families
Learning to Give

The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

The Chronicle on Philanthropy

Youth On Board

Best Practices in Youth Philanthropy (PDF)

Public Service Careers