Students learn by doing. When they serve and give now, data shows they are more likely to do it for their lifetime. Research shows if they are inspired and encourage to do so, students will use their voice, personal knowledge and experience to serve as philanthropists.

Allow Magnified Giving to support you while you Inspire, Educate, and Engage your students as they learn to use their Time, Talent and Treasure. Our program can be implemented through a class curriculum or after school club; run an entire school year or half of the year. We will work with you to help design the best structure to meet your needs.


We trust you and your students with $1,000 to select a Non-Profit of your choice to benefit from a grant. This gift comes with a commitment to be made by the Teacher / Facilitator.

  1. Attend a 2-hour facilitator training session.
  2. Educate your students on the key elements of the program as outlined in the Step-By-Step guide below.
  3. Quarterly updates on the status of your program.
  4. Help us celebrate your students and school – share stories, service, photos and successes.
  5. Attend an Award Ceremony with students and an agency representative.
  6. Complete an End of Year Report sharing the details of your program.


You have agreed to trust in the philanthropic process; to enlighten your student on how they are able to use their Time, Talent and Treasure to make a change in their community. We take great pride in this partnership and trust, so we too make a commitment to you.


  • We will continue to find community partners interested in funding the school programs.
  • We will cultivate the relationships with our Non-Profit partners.
  • Provide the support, resources and training needed to effectively move through the Steps of our program.
  • Provide unique opportunities of growth for your students and school community.
  • We commit to making this process work for you; allowing you the flexibility to mold the curriculum of Magnified Giving to best fit your culture.

This commitment is creating tomorrow’s philanthropists – TODAY!


CLICK HERE for a PDF version of this chart.

Follow these steps to successfully implement our program with integrity:

Each step includes explanations and valuable resources to support you each step of the way.


2019-2020 School Year Applications

Complete the attached application and submit to Director of Programs Alison Kaufman (alison@magnifiedgiving.org)
Returning Schools (Short Form)  |  New Schools (Standard Application)

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