Service Learning by Magnified Giving

What is Service-Learning? 

Service Learning method of instruction in which students actively participate in the learning process through identifying and meeting community needs while advancing the goals of a given curriculum. 

Through service-learning, students gain a deeper understanding of the course content, build strong community ties, and prosocial behaviors increase.

Service Learning and Magnified Giving’s process is not another “thing” to teach, but another way of teaching and learning.

Investigate: Students identify community needs through discussion, research, or exploration.

Plan: Students identify action steps and communicate with a nonprofit to learn more about the nonprofit organization’s needs or identify a meaningful service project and develop a plan.

Take Action: Students implement the plan that they developed as a team, learn through the action of serving.

Reflect: Students examine the process as they gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their community, and give significance to the experience that will allow them to apply it to future actions. In meaningful service-learning students reflect and teachers assess student learning after each step, however, it is especially important after the action has been taken to implement student-led plans.

Demonstrate: Students apply knowledge, create a final project, fundraise, and share with peers and community.