For Our Non-Profit Partners

Student groups who participating in Magnified Giving Student Philanthropy Program are entrusted with $1000 (or more) and are given a challenge - to find the best possible way to invest this into the non-profit community!  To get your name in the running for possible grants, follow these steps:

  Visit our Qualified NPO page (for your region) to see if you're registered:


If you are NOT registered with us, or need to update your information, complete our NPO REGISTRATION FORM.
If you would like to share a video    about your NPO with the students, visit MG VIDEO ADS to learn how.
NOTE: We are in the process of building new Qualified NPO pages for each region for the 2019-2020 School Year: Cin/KY | North OH | Indiana


   Complete our GRANT APPLICATION.  This application will stay active for the entire academic year.  (Click HERE to see if we have yours on file.)

  Students will review grant applications, perhaps make a site visit, and determine their recipient.

  If students choose you as a grant recipient, you will be asked to attend and Awards Ceremony - usually late April or early May - to receive your check.    After you receive your check, CLICK HERE to complete the Grant Feedback Form.


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