Magnified Giving Non-Profit Registration


Over 100 local schools participate in the Magnified Giving Student Philanthropy Program.  To date our students have granted over $870,000.00 back into the local community. 


Student groups who are participating in the Magnified Giving Student Philanthropy Program are entrusted with $1,000.00 (or more) to grant to the NPO of their choice.  Our students are empowered to examine social issues within their community, research local non-profits supporting those social causes, interview, serve and advocate for their selected non-profit.   Through this process students’ hearts and minds are open to sharing their Time, Talent and Treasure.  



Our participating non-profits can educate students on their mission, how they are serving the community, and working toward improving the social cause they are supporting.  Additionally, our students are encouraged to volunteer within the non-profit they select; so not only are you able to share your story you also benefit from volunteerism.   Our student groups will create PSA’s, short videos, or presentations which are shared among, often times, the larger school population.  Finally, should students ultimately select your non-profit you may be eligible for a financial grant from the students through Magnified Giving.  This truly is a win-win for everyone involved!


To get your name in the running for possible grants, follow these steps below:

  Register your 501c3 non-profit below. This step allows our students to learn general information about your organization at a glance.  All organizations eligible for our program must be a 501c3 organization, with direct support to the local community and our staff will be verifying the information provided through the Attorney General website or another online resource.  We will then post your registration information on our Qualified Non-Profit page of our Program website, this registration page will remain available year after year.  

   Your non-profit may receive an invitation to complete a Grant Application.  The grant application will provide additional detailed information to Junior High and High School students.  Through our curriculum our students are learning to examine an agency in a similar fashion as a foundation when deciding on a grant recipient.  Note: our Grant Application is designed for our participating youth to comprehend the information.

Part of our program is also designed to provide professional communication skills, leadership and growth; you will be communicating with students along with the support of their teachers.  This is a key learning aspect of our program.

  Students will review the submitted grant applications, perhaps make a site visit or conduct phone interviews, potentially volunteer and ultimately advocate for a non-profit to receive a grant.  Through this step our students are encouraged to gather data to support their persuasive argument in support of their non-profit.  You may be asked some tough questions to help the students in making a tough decision.  

  Should students choose you as a grant recipient, a representative from the winning organization is required to attend a Grant Award Ceremony.  These typically take place in mid-late April or early May to celebrate the gift you are to receive.  The Grant Award Ceremony is yet another opportunity to share with a new group of passionate philanthropists your mission.  The evening of a Grant Award Ceremony is a proud moment for the students as well as the agency recipient in attendance!

Prior to submitting our registration form please keep in mind the grant amount to be received may be a modest amount of money but the impact on the youth of our community is profound.  The students will be asking you to spend valuable time speaking with them and completing the grant application, and in the end your organization may not receive a financial grant.  However, your agency will be exposed to groups of Jr. High and High School students and hopefully find future volunteers and donors.  Finally, the staff at Magnified Giving is here to support you in this process as much as we support our teachers, students and school communities – this is a partnership 100%.

This program gives you an opportunity to participate in the development of the next generation of philanthropists
and potentially your next wave of board members!

For additional information please contact:

Program Questions: Contact Alison Kaufman ( or Caroline Ray (
Website Questions: Todd Forman (

We hope you choose to join the hundreds of local Non-Profit organizations
supporting our mission and the future of our community.