DCCH Center for Children & Families

Name of Non-Profit Organization * DCCH Center for Children and Families
Today’s Date: * Monday, January 13, 2020
Organization’s website http://DCCHCenter.org
EIN / 501(C)(3)Number * 610463943
What year did your organization receive it’s non-profit status? * 1970
Address * 75 Orphanage Road
Fort Mitchell, KY 41017
United States
County * Kenton
Your Name * Stacy Neurohr
Your Title * Grant Coordinator
Your email address * SNeurohr@DCCHCenter.org
Your Phone Number (859) 331-2040
Executive Director’s Name * Bob Wilson
Executive Director’s email address * BWilson@DCCHCenter.org
What is the mission of your organization?
DCCH Center for Children and Families provides compassionate care and quality services to survivors of child abuse and their families. DCCH Center offers several social service programs designed to bring families together for a healthy, happy future.
DCCH’s Residential Treatment Program cares for 40 survivors of child abuse. We provide these fragile children with a safe home, food, clothing, specialized educational services, and trauma-informed behavioral therapy to help them heal both physically and emotionally. The majority of these children have experienced, abuse, neglect, and poverty, as well as parental substance abuse and incarceration. Every child in our Program has been removed from their home for their own safety.
Our Therapeutic Foster Care Program recruits, trains, and supports foster families who open their hearts and homes to Kentucky children.
DCCH’s Outpatient Therapy Center provides quality mental health services to children, teens, adults, and couples.
Which social causes (up to 3 choices) does your agency address through its programming? * ·       (3) Children

·       (8) Health

·       (10) Life Skills

Any comments about your selections you would like to share with the student philanthropists?
DCCH strives to heal survivors of child abuse through Residential Treatment and trauma-informed mental/behavioral health services. Children live on our campus for 6 to 12 in small group apartments and are supervised at all times. They attend school at our on-campus special educational facility and participate in weekly therapy sessions. While at DCCH, children work towards healing from abuse as well as developing positive coping skills and interpersonal relationships. We also provide medical and dental care for children while in our Residential Treatment Program. Throughout their stay with us, children are taught daily living skills that will help them transition to a foster family later.
Does your organization have volunteer opportunities available for students? * Yes, Grades 9 – 12
List possible volunteer opportunities -or- a link to where they can be found on the web. https://www.dcchcenter.org/volunteer
Volunteer coordinator Vicki Boerger
Volunteer coordinator’s email address VBoerger@DCCHCenter.org
Volunteer coordinator’s phone number (859) 331-2040